Monday, February 23, 2009

So its been awhile

Some would not consider me busy, and in the scheme of things I am not. We just recently completed a 1500 move, and the holiday season, and I am getting settled into a new routine here in El Paso, TX. I really want to start up this blog to the successes of Cassie's and others i have seen, I just need to find a routine. Things here are about to be turned upside down - again - Jason will be deploying in about 2 months, and Connor will be starting kindergarten this summer, and tee ball this spring. But, amongst all that, I know I will find sanity in my paper craft obsession, posting on splitcoast, and hopefully, keeping up a virtual conversation with friends and new friends.
I will get up to speed with posting picts -- soon. right now i have a cake in the oven and a little boy who really wants to go to the park.
More soon!