Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Across the street

Across the street from our house there is a real piece of desert with all the strange cactus, odd palm trees and jackrabbits you could ask for. We like to take the dogs over there to run free off their leashs and have fun. This is a picture of when Jason and Connor took the boys over there a couple days ago. You may be asking why am I posting this on my neglected blog... I am practicing adding pictures to my postings.. When my blog grows up, it longs to be a blog like my best friend's Cassies.. updated most every day, interesting picts and information. For today, I am still, yes still, getting the hang of things. I do plan on posting daily once my husband leaves in a few weeks, (operative word is "plan") then maybe he can check it out once and awhile too. As if he is interested in the cards I may post! Ha Ha

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Cassie said...

Goals are always good, Christi!