Friday, May 15, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

This mother's day was probably the best one ever. Connor is 5 1/2 and for the first time, he really understood what mother's day was. I am not one to look for an expensive gift or alot of pampering on mother's day. But with Jason deploying a few days before mom's day, I asked him if he would take Connor to pick me out a small gift, and he did. Connor was so sweet, he told me to not go in his bottom drawer, and he asked me for a few days "how many more days till mother's day"... The morning of mom's day came and he brought out the gift he chose out for me. It is a really pretty necklace with a blown glass pendant that is red, black and gold. He chose it on his own, and was very excited about it. It is very pretty, and I do like it alot. Then Connor said he wanted to take me to lunch for mother's day. He said either Mc Donalds or Olive Garden. Needless to say, I chose Olive Garden.

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