Saturday, June 13, 2009

Great Suprise! Happy Boy!

As you may know, my husband is serving on his 4th combat tour in Iraq. This deployment is particularly hard because our son is 5 1/2 and very much aware his daddy is away in a dangerous place. We are approximately 6 weeks into this deployment and Connor gets a suprise in the mail today! My husband sent him a super cool GI JOE combat airplane "tiger rat". Connor and the plane have not been more than a few inches apart this whole day. It is extra special because we know how busy my husband is and he took time to shop online at instead of ....... well, you know.

And Connor could not be prouder of the trophy he earned for playing Tball this summer! Sure, it is a "participation" trophy, but hey, he did a good job and he deserved it along with all his team mates! Just look at the grin on his sweet face. Needless to say, the trophy made it into his bed/tent last night!

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Cassie said...

That is so very sweet. I love his huge smile ;D